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Comfort Buddy: Rainbow Edition

Comfort Buddy: Rainbow Edition

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Multi-Colored Rainbow Teddy Bear. This comforting and rewarding friend comes embodied with several eternal & infinitely manifested wishes of longstanding hope, strength, faith, optimism, fulfilling promises, happiness & immense peace, all while irrefutably creating a highly substantial sense of self-satisfaction and overall well-being. Life can be full of staggering highs & lows only for reasons the mystical power of the Universe knows. Handle your Comfort Buddy with an abundance of enjoyment, sensitivity, warmth & contentment to establish a positive and pleasurable effect in your daily life through the expression of kindness and tender touches, even if only as simple as a bear hug. Skillfully crafted and divinely filled with powerfully thoughtful affirmations composed of almighty grace & an affluent profusion of good fortune are readily available for use by the next individual this Comfort Buddy was significantly designed for. A Teddy Bear symbolizes inner peace and an ultimate appreciation for the preciously granted gift of life. Encompassed within is a passionately sincere representation of thoughtful affection and interconnectivity linked in its exchange between you and me. 


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