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Comfort Buddy: Adult Teddy Bear

Comfort Buddy: Adult Teddy Bear

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Beautifully Vibrant 2 Toned soft pink/creme Teddy Bear hand selected by fate and innately chosen by yours truly. This Comfort Buddy provides a feeling of closeness, undying trust, faith in friendship, comfort and unconditional support in the face of life’s unexpected challenges. Teddy Bears are more than just a toy; they are an eloquent indication of the love & protection we seemingly begin to lose as we grow and eventually become solely responsible for enduring which is to include some of the most unimaginable pain, suffering, and disappointment all on our own during the gradual pursuit of maturity and desirably prosperous independence. A personally owned & self-gratifying possession that has been loved and cared for with unlimited favor & everlasting admiration. A considerably bittersweet separation, yet one notably compelling choice to share a genuinely purposeful thing accelerates the once heavily pondered decision into relinquishing the noticeably delightful creation into the arms of someone who can undoubtedly benefit from its timeless and morally supportive existence. 


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